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-====== Boxes ======+====== wiki/Boxes ======
 A necessary component in the [[:vip_quality]] experience. A necessary component in the [[:vip_quality]] experience.
 +<WRAP tip>**PROTIP:**
 +A full list of [[|wrap abilities]] may help you; 
 +use this cheat sheet to know what to enter in ''<nowiki><WRAP name>blahblah</WRAP></nowiki>''
 +You can also use the [[:fail|editing toolbar]] to your advantage.
 ===== Wikipedia-style ===== ===== Wikipedia-style =====
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 <WRAP notice>notice</WRAP> <WRAP notice>notice</WRAP>
 <WRAP spoiler>spoiler</WRAP> <WRAP spoiler>spoiler</WRAP>
 +{{tag>new wiki meta how-to}}