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How to Fix

Basic guide

  1. Open in a new tab to find the target page
  2. Consult howto on how to use SJIS and Tags, redirect pages, use dokuwiki, etc.
  3. Replace Categories with Tags – use the tags page to see an overview of existing tags


All pagenames are lowercase without spaces.
However, links across the site contain "_" where a space was formerly.
The clear fix is to replace all "_" (underscore) within "[" and "]" (square brackets) with nothing.

You can also move a page from "somethingwithoutspaces" to "something_with_spaces" by clicking edit in both pages, cutting the content from the old, pasting it to the new – this is best if there are no pages linking to the "somethingwithoutspaces" page.

The Category Problem

Consider also how a MediaWiki category is like a tag, but DokuWiki namespace is like a folder.

How is that resolved? ← + styling?

The Image Problem

What do we do about images? ← ? (probably requires manually importing/sorting all images)

joeroller: I fixed this

The image archive is incomplete and there's not much we can do about it until re replace them by hand from other archives or simply remove images from the pages

electron: There are images on halcy's tanasinn site's live version that we lack on our Dokuwiki.

joeroller: If you can provide links to the pages and our corresponding pages here, I will be happy to put them in myself.

The Template Problem

All templates from the original wiki are missing. Most notably the VIPtronic Music and DQN Art templates which are essential for navigating what is arguably the wiki's most important content. Additionally there were templates linking to original threads for a number of articles, which I'd also consider high priority.
Also a truly vast quantity of joke templates, but those are of lower priority. I'd consider them an essential part of the old wiki culture but once some means of template creation are in place people can start making new ones if they're interested.

Has anyone looked into plugins for Mediawiki-style templates?

The Unicode Title Problem

There was a significant amount of pages with unicode titles, all now missing. Not sure how to go about this one.

Pages with spaces in their titles also have broken links – the _ underscores were removed in the modernization process.

Current solution: replace articles with unicode names with ones without, eg. "sjis/grandpa" instead of "( ´ω`)" Add the original names as titles.


  1. There is a sizable amount of missing pages that halcy removed from his wiki archive. At least a list of these would be nice, someone please diff the page list from here with the one from the 2019 archive.
  2. On some pages there is broken or missing text where people chose to get "creative" with the formatting and it did not survive the conversion. Some of it is barely noticeable (I didn't realize the Daddycool kidnapping article was missing some names until I tried reading it, noticed it made no sense, and cross referenced it with the original wiki's archive. The tripfag names were written in colored text and that didn't copy over) and it might be a pain detecting where this sort of thing occurred.
  3. Dokuwiki does this weird, annoying thing where it underlines certain acronyms and provides mouse-over annotations. I find this irrationally infuriating.
  4. a lot of the articles listed as orphaned pages aren't actually orphaned, but rather had unicode in the titles and failed to copy over. They'll need to be recreated.