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How to Wiki

Dokuwiki is a fairly simple program to use, and features a nice toolbar for doing markup. However, just typing words in the box and clicking "save" isn't enough to really do Tanasinn the right way™ .

Before you begin, we suggest that you refer to our syntax guide.

Getting an account

Go to the #tanasinn IRC or Matrix room and ask nine11 for an account.
You can also try joeroller#9758 on Discord.

Starting an article

Before you begin work on your magnum opus, ask yourself: can my page actually serve a need? If not, it will probably just end up being 2 or 3 sentences of useless garbage. It's fine to write a draft, but before you publish it, understand what role the page will play in the greater scheme of the wiki.

Begin the page with a top level headline ( ====== Title ======, that's 6 ='s on each side) and then add {{tag>new draft}} on the bottom of the page to add its initial category. Look up more categories on the Tags page, or make some new ones if you're brave.

Writing an article

  1. Don't think.
  2. Feel.

After you have your header and category at the top and bottom of the new page, think about what "sections" your page should show. Give them titles, but use 5 equals instead of 6 around the header. If any of these sections require more indepth discussion, follow the introductory paragraph with 4 = equals signs. As you write your article, if you ever encounter any topics that may deserve a future page of their own, drop a link like [[page_name|some cool page]].

Have fun with the fact that you're written for our wikipedia! Throw in serious or goofy footnotes with ((double parentheses))1) to "facts" just like you would on Wikipedia.


This is sometimes necessary, if the What Links Here shows that the page you're moving has enough remote pages linking to your current location.

If you wanted to redirect :howto to :wiki:howto, you should put this on the original page:


Broader projects

Working on a project? Dokuwiki is not just a directory of webpages that are interlinked; it also supports "namespaces" (think directories). For an example of a project, look at :games:.


How to namespace

In the URL, a namespace looks like "/topic/pagename" or "/topic/sub/pagename". Here's some tips to get started.

Read the documentation if you need to know more.

  1. Go to :category (aka :category:start)
  2. <nspages> lists all pages in the directory (documentation)
  3. If there's a tag, {{topic>tagname}} lists tagged pages (documentation)
  4. Within the namespace, link to a sibling page like [[page]]
  5. Link to a page in another namespace like [[:root]], [[:page]], [[:namespace:page]], etc


Thanks to dedicated efforts by our team members, proudly supports SJIS art with proper rendering, kanji, and monospaced font.

SJIS art on is nested in WRAP and code tags. The WRAP tag must be capitalized at all times.

To include SJIS art, simply paste it into the article textbox exactly as how it appears in your text editor. Then, use the following syntax around the art:

<WRAP sjis><code>
  ミ*´ー`ミ nya   

And here's how it will render in an article:

  ミ*´ー`ミ nya

This method works on new and existing articles. Use the preview button to ensure the SJIS art renders to your liking.

We're indebted to killsushi forever for offering this solution.



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All urgent technical issues that prevent editors from working on the wiki should be reported to joeroller#9758 via Discord DM. Most technical issues are solved within the same day.

You can also visit the #tanasinn IRC or Matrix rooms and someone may be able to respond.