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Are you too neurotypical for IRC and Matrix? Good news for you buddy, the boys at Reddit cooked up a new chat platform for you. For your safety, Discord carefully reads every message sent and scans your processes and network data. For your safety, if a user participates in wrongthink, they will be permanently banned from the service with no means of appeal. For your convenience, Discord has a very popular mobile app designed to keep you safe anywhere you go.

Guild vs Server?

Some unQUALITY people refer to a Discord community as a server. Indeed, a casual search of "discord server" will reveal millions of people repeating this myth. The idea that your Discord group is like a server that you own, control, and have ownership of (like an IRC, XMPP, or Matrix server) is a big lie. A Discord guild is an entity owned by Discord Incorporated that they allow you to use in exchange for your "payment" in the form of their ability to record and analyze the communication of you and your friends.

From the documentation:

Guilds in Discord represent an isolated collection of users and channels, and are often referred to as "servers" in the UI.

We can see quite clearly in the documentation that a group of users+channels is called a Guild:

Spyware accusations

  • IP Address
  • Device UUID
  • User's e-mail address
  • All text messages
  • All images
  • All VOIP data (voice chat)
  • Open rates for e-mail sent by Discord
  • Discord tries to force some users to give their Telephone numbers
  • Logs of all of the other programs that are open on your computer
  • Discord uses its process logging for advertising
  • Full access to data to unspecified third parties

Discords of DQN Quality


Extremely autistic content follows!

On September 10284, 19931), Archduke was banned from the SAoVQ Discord. Whether this was a good thing or bad thing remains to be seen. Some argue that this kind of authoritarian activity is out of line with the original intention that constructed #saovq IRC, a place where all users are operators and cannot kick or ban each other, seeing as all members of a community formed around the culture of VIP Quality are, by the virtue of being in the room, VIP QUALITY. This kind of incident only further highlights the inherent contradictions between the mindset that forms the SAoVQ Discord community against the mindset that produced the SAoVQ IRC, Matrix, and Gikopoi community2) that in turn was inspired by the mindset that inspired the Textboards that were in turn inspired by 2ch, etc.

How this will affect the health and status of the Sageru Bees remains to be seen.