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  • IDEA: old games (80s – 00s) are very high quality.
  • Arcade games and console games especially.
  • They can be easily emulated on almost all types of hardware
  • and with any kind of internet connection anywhere in the world
  • Thousands of free games can be grabbed by anyone …



  • Fightcade
    • Great when it works. Virtual LAN, lobbies, and a handful of emulators.
  • Hamachi + "netplay" supporting emulator
    • Lobby-based virtual LAN so you don't need port-forwarding or to share IP addresses.
  • Port forwarding
    • If you feel comfortable sharing your IP address and can "port forward," this is a way to link computers quickly.


Fightcade is popular commercial (free basic accounts) tool for playing games with friends online. Download Fightcade and register an account. To grab the tool that allows you to play all of the games Fightcade supports when you enter a lobby and launch the game, follow these instructions here and enjoy gaming on easy modo.

Learn how to use Fightcade with this very simple, brief tutorial that is full of screenshots.


Common netplay convention is that all players should have the same ROM and emulator, and be connected to the same Virtual LAN (or else they should have port forwarding enabled). On each player's emulator, configure the "player 1 gamepad" with your controller / keyboard. After a player is selected to be the host, they should use the netplay software to "become the host" and share their IP information (Hamachi IPv4 + port). Other players connect to the server as players 2, 3, 4 in the eyes of the host emulator.

  • Arcade
  • 3rd Gen:
    • NES
    • Master System
  • 4th Gen:
    • SNES : Hamachi + SNES9k method
      • On all machines:
      1. Open Hamachi and SNEX9k.
      2. Connect to the Hamachi room.
      3. Configure your "player 1" controller in SNES9x
      • On host machine:
      1. Netplay → Act as server
      • On client machine:
      1. Netplay → Connect to server
      2. Connect to host's Hamachi IPv4 and port
      • You're done!
    • Genesis : Hamachi + Kega Fusion method
      1. Get the BIOS files and install
      2. Join the same Hamachi room
      3. Ensure that everyone has the same ROM and have controllers configured
      • On the host machine:
      1. File > Netplay → Start Netplay Game
      • On the client machine:
      1. File > Netplay → Join Netplay Game
      • You're done!
    • NeoGeo
    • Sega CD
  • 5th Gen:
    • Sega Saturn
    • Playstation
    • Nintendo 64
  • 6th Gen:
    • Dreamcast
    • Playstation 2
    • Gamecube : Dolphin
  • 7th Gen:
    • Wii : Dolphin
    • Nintendo DS : Melon DS

Melon DS Netplay Guide

  1. Assign the BIOS/firmware files using Config > Emu settings > DS-mode > Use external files .
  2. Config > Firmware settings to set your nickname, birthday, color, etc
  1. Open a Nintendo WFC compatible game
  2. Open the Wifi settings from inside the game
  3. Clear the Wifi settings via the orange menu
  4. Create a new Wifi connection using the wizard
  5. Tap "Ready", then (at the bottom) override Primary DNS to
  6. Save the setting
  1. Connect to Nintendo WFC in-game, now disconnect.
  2. You should now have a friend code and be able to add friends.


Games Index

Sorted by "generation", and then by genre. All games support 2 or more players.

Fourth Gen

Platform Title Year Genre
SNES Secret of Mana 1993 Action / RPG
SNES Super Bomberman 2 1994 Action / Puzzle
Genesis Columns 1989 Puzzle
Genesis Klax 1990 Puzzle
SNES Puzzle Bobble 1994 Puzzle
SNES Tetris Attack 1995 Puzzle
SNES Kirby Dream Course 1994 Sports
SNES Donkey Kong Country 2 1995 Platformer
SNES TMNT: Turtles in Time 1991 Beat em up
SNES Super Double Dragon 1992 Beat em up
Genesis Golden Axe 199X Beat em Up
SNES Sunset Riders 1991 Run and Gun
SNES Contra III 1992 Run and Gun
Genesis Gunstar Heroes 1993 Run and Gun
NeoGeo Twinkle Star Sprites 1996 Shmup
Genesis ToeJam & Earl 1991 ????

Sixth Gen

Platform Title Year Genre
Dreamcast Power Stone 2 2000 Beat em up (3D)
PS2 War of the Monsters 2003 Beat em up (3D)
Gamecube Gauntlet Dark Legacy 1999 Dungeon crawl
GBA Shining Soul II 2003 Dungeon crawl
MAME Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (dl) 1996 Puzzle
Dreamcast Sega Swirl 1999 Puzzle
Gamecube Zelda: Four Swords 2004 Adventure
GBA Kirby: Amazing Mirror 2004 Adventure
Gamecube Kirby Air Ride 2003 Racing/Party
Dreamcast Hydro Thunder 1999 Racing
Gamecube Burnout 2: Point of Impact 2003 Racing
Gamecube Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005 Racing
Gamecube Phantasy Star Online 2004 RPG
GBA Advance Wars 2001 Strategy
Gamecube WarioWare 2003 Party

Seventh Gen

These DS games also work well with a $30 flash cart and an unlocked wifi connection. Make sure to set your DNS to in your Nintendo WFC settings. You can open an unlocked Wifi hotspot via your phone or computer, usually. This is left as an exercise to the reader.

Platform Title Year Genre
NDS Clubhouse Games 2005 Board games
NDS Mario Kart 2005 Racing
NDS Advance Wars: Days of Ruin 2008 Tactics
NDS Pokemon RPG

Four Swords Adventures

  1. Download Four Swords (155 mb) for Gamecube
  2. Put gba_bios.bin in Documents\Dolphin Emulator\GBA
  3. Set controller 1 to GBA, configure GBA style or better gamepad
  4. In the Dolphin window, look in "Tools" for Netplay stuff.