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The official MMO of VIPPER and Dokyun alike.

It's kind of like Habbo Hotel but even more autistic. The characters are roughly modelled on 2channel SJIS characters like Giko, Shii, and friends. After Macromedia Flash died, the community rebuilt Gikopoi as Gikopoipoi (Giko Poi 2), as a FLOSS Javascript software. While (the Gikopoi portal) has an earlier DNS registration date than (the flagship Gikopoipoi instance), the two websites appear to be operated by different individuals.

PRO TIP: use Firefox + "picture in picture" mode to make the stream videos any size you want, or even full screen.
Google Chrome limits PIP size to 25%, and is thus FAIL.

How to Play

  1. Join a server (like gikopoi2)
  2. Select "international", click "Join"
  3. Type #rula and hit Enter to warp to another room.
  4. Hang out and have fun!

The use of Tripcodes is permitted and generally not frowned upon.


Ctrl-G = toggle window/chat
hjkl      = Move around (also, wasd)
uiop     = Move text bubble
HJKL   = Pan window (hold shift)
+  -     = Zoom in or out

Shift+enter = send message

Who's Who





trashpanda and CATARP! are an age old couple, they love each other very deeply
puffy and skyzzerz married 2021-11-24
Unanimous and 爽◆Sou0o2Bml enjoy a cultural exchange


Official Gikopoi Map
(BIG) Map


For 2005-2020 history, see games/gikopoi/History.


  • 2021-01-12 – Adobe Flash player faced its end-of-life and permanently kicked the bucket.


  • 2021-10-17 – Some lost maps can be found in the developer's blog for the game. On 2021-10-17, it appears that some kind of permission was granted to the Gikopoipoi developer team to recreate some of these lost maps. Translations for the game in Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Indonesian were added.





Original characters:

Original secret characters:

  • Char Boon
  • Dark Boon


  1. I noticed that another player walked on top of me. Why can't I walk on them?
    • The last player to join the room will be the highest user, and the first will be the lowest.
  2. Help! Someone is copying me!
    • That's not a question, but use the password system to secure your identity.
  3. This map is really big! How do I find the other players?
    • You can type the command #rula (warp) into the chatbox, and then sort the room index by player count.
  4. How do I share a link to a room with my friends?
  5. Some weird people are bothering me or annoying me.
    • There's a few things you can do: don't pay attention to them, politely ask them to leave you alone, or you can click on their name in the chatbox and type #list to ignore/block them. Ignored users can still see your messages, but blocked users can't, just like on other websites.
  6. I joined a room full of people, but no one's talking. Is my game broken?
    • Gikopoi isn't like other games; people tend to just hang out and let the game run in the background. Maybe say "hello" and then, just be patient.
  7. How do I use the Easter egg characters or transform?
    • This is left as an exercise to the reader.
  8. How do I make my speech bubble vanish?
    • Hit enter twice instead of just once!
  9. What is the name of the eyebrows man?
    • George Okayama. He is age 24 and a recent graduate of Spaghetti University.


  • The ROOM has become strange again.
  • goodly (came up in a discussion about adverbs)
  • our giko, who art in japan, hallowed be thy cat. thy dev lounge come, thy will be done, in bar as it is on seashore. give us this day our daily radio, and forgive us our taiwanese, as we forgive those who speak taiwanese against us. and lead us not into world police, and deliver us from pablo. for thine is the trashcan, the piamica, and the shobon forever. amen.
  • Walking to a new room vs #RULA
  • vs = "base and superstructure"
  • Joining as "anonymous Giko" and staying in a room's spawn location. This (and using the underground rooms) offers some anonymity, but people can still identify you by clicking on your name in the chatlogs.


  • Gikopoipoi and the Mystery of the Spinning Cats
  • Gikopoipoi: Not tested on animals.
  • Gikopoipoi: The same, but different.
  • All I ever wanted, all I ever needed was here, Gikopoipoi.
  • Gikopoipoi International: Funded by George Soros.
  • Gikopoi and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
Gikopoi Driver's License

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