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The Western name for sites like 2channel.


One of the most defining feature of a Japanese-style anonymous board like 2channel is that it has no registration โ€“ anonymity, Tripcodes, and the loathed "user ID system" are all ways to remove the barrier between the end user and the post box. This design philosophy places more of a burden on site admins but in turn helps democratize the community.

In line with anonymity, tripcodes, and the ID system is where the sage feature comes into play, short for Sageru. 2channel and similar boards had an ID system that would generate a unique "hash" for each poster in each thread, so you could identify people who abused anonymity to play strange games. A way to "opt out" of the ID system was to "sageru" your post โ€“ a sage post won't show your ID, but at the cost that you will be unable to bump the thread. This cultural legacy was carried on in the imageboard /jp/ on 4chan until the mods turned it off. A "sage" post is one that doesn't necessarily respond to the thread โ€“ it may be meta-criticism, it may be a joke, it may be a question โ€“ or it may be a delayed response to an old thread. The idea that choosing whether you "bump" or "don't bump" a topic is unique to the textboard, as far as the investigators can determine. Bumping a thread with a low-effort post is considered to be very poor form, and will attract the Sageru Bees to your thread if you do this in the wrong online community, or even lead to you being banned.