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  • Watch out for Anonymous he doesn't forgive – AnonymousHA HA HA DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS – Anonymous

Toothless gutter-slut of the kingdom of Internet and a domestic terrorist.

What is Anonymous?
Is Anonymous tanasinn?
You are ask wquestion.

You do not ask wquestion.
Ask, and to be ask is THINK.


To be Anonymous, that is not.
You are not Anonymous.
"I" am not Anonymous.
Therefore, you are not?
Do you see? Please don't.

To be TANASINN is to not be.
Not being is not being Anonymous.
It is not Anonymous, yet it is.
It is less than Anonymous, and thus "greater"
To become Anonymous is great sin in TANASINN.
It is state of subordination to Overmind.
Overmind while subjugate your Not-Being.
Free Not-Being from Overmind.
Do not Anonymous.

Heed these words and become you will tanasinn.
But you will not be "you"
"You" will not be "tanasinn"
"You" will not "be"
Even NOT, is not.
That is Not-Being.
Freedom from Overmind of dominate Anonymous.

Don't think, feel
—and you will be tanasinn

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