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President Barry Soetaro, known Indonesian Muslim communist

The United States of America (ユナイテドステイツオフアメリカ) is the world's governing body, and its most freest country.

There was a credit score report here, but the Tanasinn Goblins ate it.


America can be found simply by looking to the center of any given map of the world. You may experience slight vision problems if using a globe.


The citizens of this great country are not only entitled to freedom, but can also freely regulate any lesser (that means all of you!) country. The country's leaders are considered the highest of the high; the bureaucrats of bureaucracy; that doesn't really make any sense, but surely you're seeing the point here! The supreme president of America is Donald Trump

To the naked eye, America would appear to be a constitutional democracy; a new leader is elected every 4 years. However, this system is specifically designed to confuse and infuriate inferior countries, and is used only as a formality. In reality, America is a divine right monarchy ruled by a continually changing King. The King is selected by a secret group of shadow leaders (Simon Cowell is believed to be a member) that is in direct contact with God. What this basically means is, we will never eeeeeever have a black girl president. YEAH!