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People from Japan are collectively called the Japanese. People from Japan are collectively called the Japanese.

  • "I love Japan roughly, like an abusive husband!"— Anonymous, 2005 <html><sup></html>1<html><sup></html>

Japan is a small island nation of over 125 million people, all of whom live in Tokyo or Osaka except for around 100 million people who don't (and who may therefore live in Saitama). Recently, Japan has found fame among people for its industrial successes, as well as its anime and gaming sub-cultures. In the past, it has also found fame for its invasions and nationalism

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Geography of Japan

LocationMapJapan.png LocationMapJapan.png

Map current as of three weeks ago last Friday.

Foreign Politics of Japan

Nuclear Umbrella

Japanese_missile_defence.jpg Japanese_missile_defence.jpg

Welcoming of Gaijins

Japanonsensign.jpg Japanonsensign.jpg

Japanese people are known for its friendly attitude towards its overseas fans.


Automotive Industry

Itasha-nanoha.jpg Itasha-nanoha.jpg

A Japanese motor vehicle, of the type successfully exported throughout the world

Beer left: God, intoxicated by the nation's glorious Beer.

Japanese Culture

  • God
  • Anime
  • Kawaii
  • VIP QUALITY EUROBEAT Well okay, technically most of it comes out of Italy, but it's really only sold in Japan.
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  • tanasinn

Places in Japan

  • Akihabara
  • Kyoto, the anagram lover's Tokyo
  • Yoshinoya

Japanese Dislikes

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