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multichannel, called Multichan or Multich is a 2020- public domain experiment to add cool new features to the Textboard concept.

It features:

  • Federation
  • Thread tagging
  • pseudo-boards
  • Atom feeds

Features explained

The initial thread view is just a big index of threads, like this example on 0chan.
But it can be filtered based on tags (e.g., internet+nerd), or by which board a thread was originally posted to (e.g., local threads). Every site, filtered view (tag or by host), and thread has an accompanying Atom feed, which means that topics / discussions can easily be subscribed to by different apps or consumed into different chat services.

This board is a pseudo-imageboard because links to images on an approved host will be embedded

A variety of moderated "psuedo-boards" are made by associating a password with a tag, and the person who claimed the tag can then write a custom "message of the day" above their thread list, hide threads, and hide comments *within the pseudo-board view*. The actual threads and comments will not be affected.

Some relevant discussion boards:

Alas, there is no SJIS art on 0chan, because the admin is a fascist.


The federation used to be ~7 servers working together until an internet terrorist struck in July of 2020. The entire network was crippled, save for one lone server that still preserves an archive of what was. The flagship board,, was resurrected in October of 2021 to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the project.

You can join the IRC, Matrix, or Discord to chat with some members of the Multichan community.