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Like to Idiotic Retard Chat, do ya? Click here and come to #vipquality or #saovq. Real men use XChat or irssi, but webchat works fine.

What is IRC?

IRC is a program for people with autism designed in 1988. A "server" ran at a website (eg, port 6667) is used to host "channels" (chatrooms) that are prefixed with a #hashtag. Users in an IRC server are generally free to create their own channels, and make them private or public (can be found in the server's channel list). For added security, a room has multiple levels of officers who can silence the general chat and kick or ban bad users. Rooms can also require a password or invitation to be joined.

IRC is an extremely simple protocol, and as such, has thousands of bots and clients; it is text-only, which has led to its own unique form of ASCII art.




  • #bees – autism
  • #jp – beekeeping strategies and bridge demolition
  • #qa – Anime, otaku life, NEETs
  • #drugs


  • #4-ch
  • #animu

Irssi Guide

/network add -nick NICK -user USER -realname NAME -autosendcmd '^MSG NickServ identify PASSWORD; WAIT 2000' NETWORKNAME
/server add -ssl -auto -network NETWORKNAME -port PORT SERVERADDRESS

Replace variables "nick, user, name, password, networkname, port, serveraddress" with the values you like. Then, you can /connect networkname to connect to an IRC server.

/alias w window goto $* lets you jump to a room like /w 3 (jump to window 3) or /w #tanasinn (go to the room #tanasinn).