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For VIPPER chatting, whether on IRC, Matrix, Discord, or games/Gikopoi, there will be occasions that demand the playing of COOL FREE GAMES. This choice selection covers games that can ideally be shared with no registration or software installation, and ideally have no ads.

Site Description the classic chess site. Everyone knows this one, even your grandma. play tetris! Great for 1+ players. It gets pretty tough pretty quickly, but you're free to adjust the settings, so don't worry. the classic tile-matching game. There is a surprising amount of strategy and depth in dominoes. Try it sometime, you'll be surprised. scrabble! Battleships. Even works on mobile! pictionary, or gamified oekaki. Harder prompts yield more points. Draw a picture based on a prompt. The next player sees the picture and has to describe it. This goes on back and forth until you probably get something weird. solve a jigsaw puzzle together. It can be more fun than you might think. Backgammon with friends. What more needs to be said? The classic party game of mafia/werewolf. Needs 7 players for a game… See who can type faster and with better accuracy. Players share knowledge of a secret location and need to find the spy. Spy needs to find where the location is. Barebones game site, complimented by chat or call off-site; ideal with 4-6 players. Mahjong but guest friendly, with MCR and Zung Jung rules. You probably want to play this if you want to play Mahjong. Riichi Mahjong. There's anime girls. A great autism simulator. the classic psychological game of Mafia/Werewolf. Ideal for groups of 7. This one is for the Pokémon fans! Build your team of Pokemen and go against your friends! Majesty-like RTS game where you control a small tribe of hunter-gatherers. Surprisingly deep and can be played with friends! From the same creator of Wanderers, a hack and slash game! Cards against humanity, for you and your friends!
Jackbox (pirated) for platforms that allow someone to stream their screen (you can use OBS for this on Windows). Simple party games. See how long you can go before coasting on sex jokes. This game is rather popular on Gikopoi, as Jackbox works better when people know each other and have a few inside jokes.
Drawful 2 (pirated) Pictionary type game from the same fellows from Jackbox Studios

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