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Candidates for the 2022 election were selected by a secret committee, and represent broad demographics of the Gikopoi _int community. An active betting pool has been organized on Matrix and millions of Gikocoins are being staked on the outcome. The results of this fair election will dramatically change what it means to be a Gikopoi user. Different political ideologies will be pitted against each other. Hostility will likely rise to an all-time high. We can expect an amazing race to develop. Stay tuned for updates, as this IS a developing situation!


Censorship agenda:

nigger, fine

cracker, banned.

cunny, banned.

zzazzachu: Giko Independent Kaffeeklatsch Obdurate Peoples’ Omnipotent Intelligentsia
zzazzachu: is my party
zzazzachu: can someone make a picture of me being derek chauvin and kneeing shaddox' kneck?
zzazzachu: just make me a glitchy pikachu face
zzazzachu: as a show of solidarity wooly feedings will still be implemented if I win
zzazzachu: imagine having giko grudges lol. FUCK that loser dingy though, swastika-adverse wanker
zzazzachu: """dinghy""" aka dingy
zzazzachu: first to the gulag

Shaddox Mode



fat wooly: i have another agenda
fat wooly: i cheer for my fellow candidates, i am a student of the power of friendship
fat wooly: i have another agenda
fat wooly: what would naruto do?
A political occasion with fat wooly and her political strategists

Wooly's "Party Pizza Party" aims to abolish the FBI and protect free_speech. Wooly's "feed wooly" act will establish several new departments, and she aims to specifically develop the agricultural and economic facilities of Sea City, citing a specific mission to "feed wooly" foods such as pizza, mushrooms, and love. Further aims and motives remain shadowy, but will be developed in a future press release and public streamed interview.


One known ethical position of Rosuto is "hey guys, can you seriously knock it off with the racist bullshit? You're not little kids and it's not funny. It's just really tiresome. So grow up and try to be more creative with your jokes. There's no reason to be such an asshole." While controversial, a growing Leftist chapter within Sea City seems to agree with his views; they notably appeared on New Year's Eve 2021 to disrupt the attempt to build a Swastika at the shrine. Known associates of Rosuto have deep and old connections to the base / core infrastructure of the Sea City 2 experiment. Rosuto is a popular member of the thriving music culture within Sea City, and is rumored to have been in the Backstreet Boys band as a youth.


PINTO is relatively mysterious person who is known to show up drinking wine to sing for their friends. It has been suggested, but never proven, that they are tied to the obscure Boon lobby of Sea City that is rumored to deal in finance and various forms of investment. PINTO is a strong believer in cats, and vows to exile, prosecute, or execute GYAHAHA once in power. There is also a contested rumor that PINTO is connected to the controversial corporation. Key Gikopoi theorists predict PINTO drawing a huge wave of populist support in quarter 2 of gikopoi2's second year.

PINTO with their family, back in their homeland _gen


After carefully counting the votes several times, it was determined with upmost certainty that Wooly won the election.

Wooly and her supporters rejoicing over victory


cunny lobby speaks out
shaddox is stalin?
wooly's party makes a demand
wooly hardcore propaganda

PINTOist propaganda
The American Whig Party appears to rerun it's influential campaign of William Henry Harrison and John Tyler
Archduke throws his hat into the ring on a pro fucking children platform
Some classic CATARP! iconography (but is she even running?)

Infininte Vegetables enters the fray.
Some more PINTO propaganda. This one is quite aesthetic.
The anti Wooly lobby launches an attack.
Shaddox tries a different strategy, appealing to American patriots.

a sussy contribution
Shaddox? Stalin? I don't think so.
A VTuber introduces Archduke's party platform