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Extremely dangerous member of the elitistsuperstructure. Alleged to be a communist anarchist zionist neonazi. Posts dating back to 2011 from Archduke !EQmEmVtTi2 have been discovered by agents of the Tanasinn research_committee on 4-ch; this same tripcode can be spotted on the Wikipedia Textboard article. May or may not be affiliated with the Sageru Bees.


How to find

  • Make a thread about philosophy on /dqn/ or /saovq/
  • Go to gikopoi international and make false and harmful allegations about the Touhou character, Tokiko.
  • Visit the 6channel IRC and express interests in bridge demolitions.
  • Enter the shadow realm of Matrix.


  • ◆5yOaZrqx.c - #Portland
  • ◆woXYIQX//I - 2017
  • ◆DHTHGjYlSM - 2019
  • ◆cRwJk8JEBs - 2020