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Gikopoipoi expects a stream to be coming from a microphone, but if you want to stream other kinds of audio (e.g.: anime, music), you need to resort to trickery if you run Windows. Using VoiceMeeter, you can link your "audio output" to a fake microphone. After installing VoiceMeeter, click your speaker icon, and switch your "audio output" device to VoiceMeeter Input.

Choosing what microphone your browser listens to takes some meddling. This is left as an exercise to the reader.

How can I listen to my audio from my own device? In the leftmost column, Hardware Input, select your microphone (if you want to talk with your computer audio), or leave it empty; on the right, for Hardware Output, pick the name of sound device you want to "eavesdrop" on the pipe you've built. You'll find it with trial and error if it's not obvious.

Want to fiddle around with multiple speakers & their applications' audio output in a single unified place? Your humble editor suggests EarTrumpet1), which imitates the default Windows audio manager in the task bar (when you click the speaker icon) but extends it to show all volume mixers for all speaker devices in one easy place.

When you're all done, close VoiceMeeter and switch back to your regular speakers.

Good luck and have fun!