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fig:Very friendly. A dead <html><s></html>resurrected<html></s></html> dead community named after a lyric from a popular song. It was and still is a thriving general talk forum with over 600 members. It would be an open target for trolls, but the members are so laid back and kind that all trolling attempts are ceased before they really begin.


All was well until becauseitswinter came under attack by mindless spam robots that did not comprehend "friendliness". While the denizens of becauseitswinter tried to fight off the attacks through kindness, all attempts were totally unsuccessful. The lives of millions of users were lost in the subsequent massacre, and whoever they were will never be forgotten.

It is believed that the attacks that (temporarily) killed becauseitswinter were perpetrated by the Elitist Superstructure. As the Elitist Superstructure does not exist, there is no way to confirm these suspicions. Left with no alternatives, the administrator of the site, winter, selflessly sacrificed himself for the sake of the remaining posters. Soon after, the domain had been taken over by the evil, uncaring robots, and the forum was nowhere to be found. It was a dark, sunny day in a world that was once winter.

That is, until the site resurrected.

Jesus-Resurrection-01.jpg Jesus-Resurrection-01.jpg

Resurrection and Ascension

winter, with promises of a second coming of hope, happiness, snow, and mittens, resurrected the board under a different domain, and, indeed, friendliness and mittens did once again thrive for a time. This was not to last, however, and before the year was out, becauseitswinter once again shut its doors, leaving only the mysterious message "Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later." for those unfortunates left behind. It is rumored that winter and a few of his choice disciples have ascended to a plane of pure mittens, having imparted, for better or worse, their message of friendship unto the mittenless world.