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Callout: the Gathering

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Will you manage to start the Revolution or find yourself called out?

This is no joke, it is…. CALLOUT: THE GATHERING

Brief Overview

1. Each player represents a "clique"

2. The "clique" has a variety of win conditions:

  • Reduce the rep of competing cliques to 0, removing them from the game
  • Successfully organize multiple events, leading up to "revolution"
  • Recruit all possible organizers to your clique
  • Control all "spaces" to prevent other cliques from organizing events or recruiting members

3. Cliques have decks composed of varying Factions:

  • Red: Socialist. Proficient in summoning Allies.
  • Black: Anarchist. Proficient in using direct action to shut down events / spaces.
  • Pink: Feminist. Able to return male organizer cards to the deck, or recruit female organizers from other cliques.
  • Green: Ecowarrior. Able to destroy enemy spaces or alter the enemy's mental state
  • White: Fascist. Able to summon "Police" allies and use violence.
  • Yellow: Liberal. Focuses on neutralizing other organizers and raising capital.

All decks contain one "race card." The race card can be played once per game to block the attempt to play another card

Playset contents

  1. A d20 dice used to measure "rep".
    • The current "rep" level is the number face up on the die.
    • All cliques begin with an initial rep score of 5.
    • Successful events add 5 rep.
    • Failed events deplete 1 rep.
    • Having an organizer "called out" depletes 2 rep.
    • Being "called out" with no organizers depletes 3 rep.
    • When your rep reaches zero, you lose the game.
  2. Event cards. Certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to be played.
    • Four events must be hosted before a clique can attempt to declare revolution.
    • Events are associated with Organizer factions / qualities.
    • Events are also used to boost rep.
  3. Space cards.
    • Space cards grant special boons when entering play. However, spaces can be reclaimed by other cliques.
    • Every space controlled by your clique increases your rep.
    • The factions a Space are aligned with determine what Organizers you may summon from them.
    • Losing control of spaces lowers your rep score.
  4. Tactics cards.
    • Used to attack, protect, or boost resources.
    • Generally require the sacrifice of allies, rep or discard of cards to activate.
    • Generally require Organizers with specific factions / qualities to be in play to activate.
  5. Organizer cards. Organizers offer passive bonuses.
    • The maximum number of organizers you may control are the number of spaces you control + 1.
    • They are used to host events or call out other cliques.
    • They generate rep and help recruit numbers to cliques.
    • However, they can be "called out" and returned to the clique's hand or deck, removed from play, or even be recruited into joining a different clique.
  6. Ally tokens. These represent the fighting force of your clique.
    • Allies are represented with beans, buttons, beads, or any other generic token.
    • Every clique gains one ally token per turn until the number of allies is greater than or equal to the clique's rep.
    • Ally tokens can be used to populate spaces / events, or removed to activate certain effects.
    • Enemy Allies can sometimes be converted, joining your Allies.

Play progression

  • Conditions for spaces:
  • Conditions for events:
  • Conditions for summoning allies:
    • Every clique gains one new ally every turn, unless the clique's number of allies exceeds their reputation points
    • Tactics and organizers sacrifice allies to use special abilities
  • Conditions to "call out" organizers:

Play mechanics

  • summoning / expelling ally tokens
    • Players automatically gain tokens every turn
    • Tokens can be sacrificed to power up organizers or use tactic cards
    • The maximum number of ally tokens is dependent on the clique's rep
  • summoning events
    • 4 events must be hosted to declare revolution
    • Events must be hosted by organizers
    • The success of an event is determined by dice roll
    • Other cliques can block events by targeting organizers or disrupting spaces


  • How should organizer cards work?
    • Maybe organizers can either wield certain traits or are vulnerable to certain traits
    • … an organizer with "union" trait can "call out" small business owners
    • … an organizer with "squatting" trait can be called out by liberals/fascists for disrespecting property rights
    • … liberal organizers can be called out by ecowarrors
  • What kinds of tactics should exist? eg,
    • sacrificing allies to host events or activate special abilities
    • summoning more allies
    • returning cards to the hand
    • drawing more cards
    • shuffling discard into deck
    • finding certain kinds of cards
    • boosting / attacking rep
    • call outs (attacking organizers)
    • returning cards from the discard pile to hand/deck
    • shielding organizers/events/venues from callouts
    • cards to destroy / summon spaces
  • How could "events" be "no platformed" ?

Card Ideas

Red: Communist
Black: Anarchist
Pink: Feminist
Green: Eco-warrior
White: Fascist


Name Faction Effect
Red Pill white Target Organizer becomes immune to race- / sex-based callouts
Get #Woke black/red/pink Target Organizer becomes vulnerable to race / sex / class callouts
Doxxing black/white Remove 5 Allies. Remove an Organizer or Space from play.
Get a Job red/yellow/white Remove target black / green Organizer from play.
Call the Cops yellow/white Remove a non-liberal Organizer from play. Lose 2 rep.
Study Theory Draw 3 cards.
Forest Defender green Shields a Space from being seized/attacked.
Squatting black/green Flip a coin. If heads, search your deck for a Space, play it, and shuffle your deck.
Host a Meeting For every Space you control, summon 2 allies.
Paid Protestor black/red/pink Summon 4 Allies.
Check Your Privilegeblack/red/pink/yellowRemove a white, cishet, or bourgeoisie Organizer from play.
Grrrl Power pink Flip a coin. If heads, target female Organizer is now a pink Organizer under your control.
Self Crit Remove all of your allies to shield an Organizer from a call-out.
Paying Dues red/pink/yellow/whiteFor every Ally you remove, draw a card.
Rest in Power If an Organizer you control is removed from the game, draw 2 cards.
Talking Shit Play Rock-Paper-Scissors. Winner gets all of the loser's Allies
Molotov Cocktail black/green Remove target Space from play.
The Greater Good Remove an Organizer you control from the game. Draw 3 cards and gain 4 Allies.


Name: Faction: Ability:
Gun Club red/white At any time, 3 Allies may be removed to gain 1 rep.
Zine Library black/green Instead of drawing a card, peak at the top three cards of your deck. Optionally shuffle the deck.
Vegan Foodcart green/yellow At any time, discard your hand. Shuffle your discard pile into your deck,
and draw the number of cards that you discarded.
Roller Rink pink Events hosted in this Space cannot be called out by male Organizers.
Safe Space pink/yellow Events hosted in this Space can only be called out by cliques with pink/yellow Organizers.
Yuppie Bookstore red/yellow For every card you draw, place an Ally on the field.
Local University red/pink/yellow Place an additional Ally on the field during your upkeep.
Town Hall Meeting yellow/white For every Organizer that you place on the field, also add two Allies.
Return to the Forestgreen Green Events hosted in this space can be hosted at no expense.
Twitter Every time you remove one or more Allies, remove an additional Ally. Draw a card when doing so.
Reddit red/yellow/white