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          / ̄ヽ 
       ⊂| ◎     ∥ 
         ヽ  ゚∀゚丿\| 
          __ 〃ヽ〈_ 
     /⌒  ィ    /\  ); `ヽ-:,,  
    /    ノ^ 、  | 萬 |  _人  | "-:,, 
    !  ,,,ノ(    \/ ノr;^ >  )  \, 
    .|   <_ \ヘ、,, __, 、__rノ/\ /:    ヽ,, 
     |ヽ_/\ )ゝ、__, 、_ア〃 /       \ 
     | ヽ、___ ヽ.=┬─┬〈  ソ          "-., 
    |   〈J .〉、| 亀 |, |ヽ-´           ゝ 
    .|   /"" | 甲 |: |               ミ 
     |   レ  :| 男 .| リ               "-:,, 
     |   /  ノ|__| |                  "-:,, 
     .|  | ,, ソ  ヽ  )                ,,,-ー" 
     | .,ゝ   )  イ ヽ ノ             ,,,-ー" 
     .| y `レl   〈´  リ          ,,,-ー" 
      | /   ノ   |   |    / """" 
      l ̄ ̄/   l ̄ ̄|  ,,,- 
       〉 〈 `ー-ー-|   |-ー"  
      /  ::|    (_   \ 
     (__ノ      \___)

Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Likes: Soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, tempura, sushi, motorcycles, martial arts, fighting crime
Dislikes: Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce, kimchi|

Soy Sauce Warrior Kikkoman (醤油戦士キッコーマン Shōyu Senshi Kikkōman) — or just Kikkoman (キッコーマン Kikkōman) as most people know him — is the protector of SAoVQ and the defender of the sauce. His exploits include giving out VIP QUALITY tripcodes, defeating pig disgusting foreign sauces, and rescuing DADDY COOL from the Coreans.


His head is modeled after soy sauce packets given by takeout sushi restaurants in Japan. On SAoVQ, Kikkoman said his fish headgear is a "constant reminder of the fish that killed his parents" because they could have been saved if they had poured soy sauce on their meal. His costume and the style of his AA is inspired by tokusatsu.

Fighting style

Kikkoman is armed with a multitude of techniques and equipment to assist him in delivering justice to the evils of distaste. His most common techniques are Kikko-Punch, Kikko-Kick, and the Kikko-Beam. He also has a motorcycle named Soy Sauce 1 and a giant goldfish-shaped balloon used for getaways.

Other characters


Kikkoman has many allies on his side to defend the quality of Japanese food. Suman is the defender of vinegar, though he is known for apologizing to his enemies during fights. Satoman fights for sugar, and is well-known for being delicious. Together they create san-bai-su sauce that can be used both as a mouth-watering condiment and as a powerful attack.

His other allies are his wife, Kagome, Sarutoman warrior of salt, and Misoman, who fights for miso paste.


Kikkoman's arch nemesis is Ebaraman, who is responsible for killing his parents. His rival is Sosuman, also knows as General Bulldog. His wife Kagome works undercover as a subordinate of Sosuman to stay one step ahead of him. Other enemies include Ketchupman,