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Lorenz Diener

Lorenz Diener is a German computer scientist and internet entrepreneur, having enormous impact on the evolution of gay internet hookups in the online English speaking world, mainly, the Bondage community. He is best known for being founders for the highly successful communities Grindr, FetLife, and Mastodon.


In June, 2010, Lorenz allegedly forgot to take his antidepressants, and mooned and then threw a puppy at a Hells Angels biker and fled the scene on a stolen bulldozer. As of October 2021, Lorenz has not been charged with anything related to this incident.

In January, 2020, Lorenz allegedly killed a homeless man with a car battery. In a state of panic, he attempted to go into hiding by wiping all his internet presence. Just as he was finishing deleting all his favorite racial content from, he realized the wiki was utterly irrelevant to his crimes. Alas, it was too late, had been rendered unusable. In the ensuing scandal he was forced to shut down the wiki, much to the sorrow of all her (three) denizens. Miraculously, Lorenz has evaded charges for this one as well.