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VIPTRONIC FIVE is a VIPtronic album, released on January 31st, 2012.


Though being only the fourth album under the VIPtronic banner, it's billed as the 5th, since it's published in the 5th semester (2 years later) after the first Homegrown VIPtronic Album. The fourth "phantom" album release is shrouded in mystery, since no one submitted tracks in a SAoVQ thread for it as usual.

Wild speculation surrounds the "phantom" 4th installment of the popular series: GENOCIDE BY BOOMERANGS, main instigator of VIPtronic and releaser, disappeared for several months before July 1st, 2011 - the unofficial "date" for the bi-annual VIPtronic release. The VIPtronic helm was then upheld by the newcomer DJ ROCKET PROPELLED CHAINSAWS, that acquired its nickname after using a tripcode for a short period of time, hence keeping the tradition of having producer names with instruments of sheer (yet unconventional) violence.

The album has been further delayed for another month, expecting a track from GENOCIDE BY BOOMERANGS; a slot was reserved for his song "Mov㏌ℊ Рi░τ♞r℮ Е╳ρeʀʈ Gr○up,Part 2" on the album, yet he wasn't able to complete it in time.