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How to: Quit SNS

dedicated to GirlAnon


watch The Social Dilemma (2020) with your normie friends ! We already know why SNS are bad, but they don't.

TL;DR: Silicon Valley is surveilling the masses, modelling our personality, minds, and identities, and manipulating our lives and social relationships for great profit!


Nitter (sauce) is a really easy way to browse Twitter profiles / tweets without having to register for Twitter or access Not only can you browse a profile via a lightweight, FLOSS frontend, you can also subscribe to profiles via RSS feeds โ€“ something that Twitter used to allow people to do, but later forbade.

Being able to access user profiles via RSS has an added bonus โ€“ alongside being able to "follow" people in a way that respects your privacy more, these feeds can also be fed into bots or other applications, adding a bit of utility.

For posters

If you simply cannot go without "posting," fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, and Misskey) are a viable alternative. Posts have an extended character count, encouraging better discussions; more files and more kinds of files can be uploaded per-post; hosting is bottom-up decentralized, meaning that you can easily find a server with moderation goals that match your needs or host your own barring that. Our SNS research group strongly advises use of Pleroma servers over Mastodon; while Mastodon was originally created by a team of SAoVQ VIPPERs, they sold out to the SJW cabal leading to the community feeling like an unpleasant mix of Twitter and Tumblr (full of adult babies โ€“ LITERALLY), whereas Pleroma is simply better software and is embraced by a more mature audience.


Invidious (sauce) features MP4 video embed, video download, lightweight frontend, and RSS subscription, and it's easy to host your own. You are free from tracking, ads, and some censorship with this tool. You can even keep downvotes! (Most people don't know this, but you can subscribe to Youtube channels via RSS. This, however, doesn't go far enough)


If a video can't be loaded on your server, you can click "switch instance" to find the same video on a different server!

Example: DQN ELECTRONICS VOL 9 multiserver list


LibReddit (sauce) has been described as "invidious for Reddit". No ads, no tracking, blah blah blah.