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An IRC server where users are Anonymous.


  • anonircd-v1 – Java. by meltingwax. used by Sageru
  • anonircd-v2 – Golang. by tee
  • anonircd-v3 – Scheme. by Anonymous; used by ?mellowlink.
  • mcxircd – by Kalle Vedin (finn)


Reference document:

1. How to I join the server?

  • Get any IRC client, and connect to 6697 for SSL, or 6667 for unencrypted chat. Your name will be hidden by the software.

2. How do I join a chatroom (channel)?

  • Type /list or look for a "channel list" menu item / button to see public rooms. If you want to join a room you know the name of (including secret rooms), /join #channel will join you to the channel if your IP address is not banned.

3. Help! I was wrongfully banned / I need to tell a chatroom operator something.

  • Join #sageru @ for support by community leaders who choose to offer support. The admins of some of the biggest rooms (including #jp , #qa , and #vt ) all hang out here and are specially marked as officers. Not all channel moderators hang out here, and your reports / requests for assistance may well be ignored.

4. How do I contact the server admin?

  • To contact the operator of , private message meltingwax on (/query meltingwax)
  • For more serious claims, contact the operator of @ (information copied from the FAQ page).
  • The administrator of the other Anonymous IRCD may be reached at the name puffypuffy @ , and may also be found in (port 9999) IRC server, room #.

5. How do I register my own chatroom (#channel)?

  • Only empty rooms can be claimed without admin-level assistance (see #4). Otherwise, /query adminserv and send it help to proceed!


The grandaddy of anonircds, running "anonircd-v1".
See #sageru @ to talk to staff

Notable channels:

  • #lounge – the flagship channel, back when it's
  • #jp – Tokiko's channel for 4chan/jp. It became… something strange over the past 10 years (began 2011).
  • #teaparty – bunker channel for #jp oldfags during the raids.
  • #qa – otaku culture, but managed and moderated.
  • #vt – Vtubers. Linked with #/vt/
  • #bees – The Sageru Bees HQ
  • …?